About Gupta Building Solution

Gupta Building Solution Private Limited is a prominent wholesale trader of AAC block. Our products are highly appreciated for their excellent strength and optimum quality. The immediate needs in key sectors like – Infrastructure, Construction, etc. are addressed by Gupta Building Solution Private Limited for customers from all over the globe.

The core and high impact sectors of the economy is where Gupta Building Solution Private Limited is engaged in. The expertise that we at Gupta Building Solution Private Limited is unmatched across fields of Engineering, Construction, Infrastructure Projects and Manufacturing and maintaining a leadership in all out major lines of business.

The characteristics of every aspect of Gupta Building Solution Private Limited are Ethical business practice, stringent quality control management, Customized solutions, Competent and dedicated workforce and Easy payment mode.

Vision and mission

At Gupta Building Solution Private Limited, we are driven by the vision of delivering the best of our products at any possible condition keeping in mind that our customers are our first priority and no situation can demean that under any circumstances. The growth and betterment will be solely to serve the people with the products and services that we provide to help the economy at a much wider scale. The vision being clear, the mission of the company is to deliver our best of products at a short span of time without compromising the quality.

Letter from Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Awards and recognition

Every award that comes under the sleeves of Gupta Building Solution Private Limited in a way boosts us and helps us work better with our focus pinpointed at the sole purpose of make ourselves better at every step.

  1. Gupta Building Solution Private Limited has been awarded with Shaan-e-Nirmaanfor achieving second position in West Bengal for Ultratech Building Solutions in the year 2012-2013.
  2. Gupta Building Solution Private Limited also got awarded by Ultratech Building for outstanding contribution for promoting Ultratech Building Solutions.
  3. Also, Gupta Building Solution Private Limited has been awarded with BangaUtkarshfor outstanding performance of Ultratech Building solutions in the year 2009-10.

Why Us

The key factors for which we have received appreciation from our clients all across the globe include:

  • Ethical business practices
  • Stringent quality control management
  • Customized solutions
  • Competent and dedicated workforce
  • Easy payment modes

Stabilized material policy

Minimizing rework arising from material variation and strengthening our quality control over the products delivered by the company helps us to abide by our stable material policy.

Systems used

The system in effects in all our offices and zonal distributive centres are expected to strengthen networking. Also, the decision-making zone can be quickened with this.

Recruitment Policies

Recruitment from within the local population helps us in creating long lasting trust and a win-win partnership resulting in a better understanding of the geographic conditions and local practices.

The impact of this business model has been observed in the rate of growth in our business in both good and bad times and having completed every single assignment that we embarked upon.

It is our belief here, at Gupta Building Solution Private Limited that these fundamentals with stand in the company and help it get through any given condition and increase wealth of the shareholders while making the presence of Gupta Building Solution Private Limited felt in the world of business.

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