Products and Services

Products and Services

Gupta Building Solution Private Limited has kept its product range wide and quality-rich for its customers to choose from. Being a wholesaler of construction products, the quality and quantity of the items being delivered are something to be concerned about. And here at Gupta Building Solution Private Limited, we understand the concern and have stepped forward with a simple and unambiguous idea to make sure our products hold good for our customers all over the world.

AAC Blocks

  • Autoclaved aerated concrete is also known as autoclaved cellular concrete, autoclaved lightweight concrete, etc. are most commonly laid using thin-bed mortar and can be used for bearing-wall masonry.
  • AAC is a lightweight but concrete-like material having many small, closed internal voids. When it comes to weight, an AAC block typically weighs one-sixth to one-third of the conventional concrete, and is about one-sixth to one-third strong in comparison to a conventional concrete block.
  • MSJC code contains all the AAC masonry design provisions that are to be followed. Similarly, Masonry Standard Joint Committee (MSJC) contains all the construction requirements of AAC masonry.

Materials used in AAC Blocks

Like every other product, the materials used to produce AAC blocks vary with manufacturer. But generally, fine silica sand; Class F fly ash; hydraulic cements; calcined lime; gypsum; expansive agents such as finely ground aluminium powder or paste; and mixing water are used in a varied proportionate quantity.

Construction AAC Blocks, Lightweight AAC blocks, Floor AAC blocks, wall AAC blocks, AAC building blocks and Ecomate Concrete AAC blocks are some of the products that Gupta Building Solution Private Limited is known for selling.

TMT Bars

A TMT Bar, also known as Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars are high-strength reinforcement bars. They have a tough outer core and a soft inner core.

Manufacturing Process

  • By passing the steel wires through a rolling mill stand, the first step of the manufacturing process starts. After which, tempcore water cooling system is used for passing the rolled steel wires through.
  • Water pressure is optimised while passing the wires through the cooling system. The drastic change in temperature makes the outer cover of the bar tough and durable.
  • After this, the TMT bars are subjected to atmospheric cooling. Once the bas cools down, it slowly turns into a ferrite-pearlite mass. In this way, the outer core remains tough while the inner core remains soft. Also, this method makes the bar corrosion-resistant and boost its weldability.

Why do you need TMT Bars?

  • One of the key elements used in the construction materials is a TMT Bar. Widely used for building homes, multi-storeyed high rise, bridges, etc., TMT Bars ensures high strength to the structures and improves their longevity.
  • TMT Bars are preferred as a construction material for various reasons. They are super ductile, strength and weldable. Hence it’s widely preferred by experts.

In Gupta Building Solution Private Limited, one can avail a wide range of TMT Bars namely Tata Tiscon TMT Bars, Kamdhenu TMT Bars and Durgapur TMT Bars.


All the materials used while constructing a building has to be finally put together with something that will bind every other thing together. Cement is the binder of the construction world. It is used to set, harden adhere to other materials binding them together. Cement is generally used with fine aggregate to produce mortar for masonry or to produce concrete. There are two kinds of cements in the market.

  • Hydraulic cement, which sets and becomes adhesive due to chemical reactions between dry constituents and water.
  • Again, there’s Non-Hydraulic cement which doesn’t set in wet conditions or under water. Instead, it generally sets as it dries up and releases carbon dioxide in the air as it dries up. It is resistant to chemical attack post setting.

Cement mixed with water causes a series of hydration chemical reactions. It eventually settles down with time. The constituents slowly hydrates and a mineral interlocking happens which in turn gives the cement its strength. There are various kinds and types of cements available in the market. Gupta Building Solution Private Limited abundances in Ultratech cement and Birla Wall Care Putty.


Gupta Building Solution Private Limited is not only a company that sells its products to its clients but also makes sure that the service provided by them is unquestionable and always up-to the mark.

  • The time taken to deliver goods to the client is lesser than quoted during purchase. Unlike many other dealers, Gupta Building Solution Private Limited makes sure that the product reaches its client before the time that has been promised while purchasing.  This quality of being time efficient helps the company grow and keep up the trust of its clients. Hence building up a strong client base leading to better business.
  • Gupta Building Solution Private Limited also takes care of the quality of the product that is being delivered. No compromise whatsoever is made while producing a material for dispatch here. Hence making sure of the fact that its client always got the best of the products that they paid for. The company has its good name under the sleeves of the fact that quality and quantity is being well balanced and the product that is being delivered is always explicitly checked and thoroughly marked for its quality. Hence making sure that every penny spent on it is worthy.

Gupta Building Solution Private Limited is making success stories with every deal they make. And not to mention, their products and their services is definitely talking for them.

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