What is solar power?

The sun has been burning and providing heat and light for thousands of years. The ability to harness this energy from the sun to generate heat or electricity basically is solar power.

This form of energy offers numerous benefits when compared to more traditional forms of power.


Produces no fumes


Less sound pollution unlike diesel generators


Unlike coal and other fossil fuels

Why use solar power?

Unlike traditional energy sources, the sun produces enough energy each second to sustain our power needs for 500,000 years!

The continuous emission of energy isn’t the only positive aspect of incorporating solar power for your requirements.

Economically sensible

There are 0 recurring costs on solar power supply.

Environmentally sustainable

Solar power will not run-out like traditional power sources such as fossil fuels.

Grid Connect Solar System

  • Product range from 1kW to multiple MWs
  • Best quality solar panels, inverters & other components for maximum output, design life
  • Remote monitoring on mobile & web interface
  • Suitable for any customer segment with shadow-free roof / ground area

Battery Based Solar System

  • Suitable for homes, offices, industries etc where grid reliability is problematic
  • Off-grid systems: Power critical lighting loads, without grid export functionality
  • Hybrid systems: Power heavy load, export ecess generation to grid & can also complement DG sets
  • Advance battery protection logic
  • Variants with both lead acid & Li Ion batteries available

Solar Balcony

  • Enjoy the benefits of Solar even if you don’t have your “own” “roof”
  • Suitable for apartments, commercial buildings etc
  • Variants with battery storage & mico-inverters available

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